Michael Don Fess Sculpture

Wall-Hung Sculpture
          I believe that all art should be a positive influence in our lives.  Art should inspire our minds,
show creativity, and instill good feelings.     

"The Last Supper"
Jesus knew what was on his plate !
Oak Flooring Strips with Cabinet Grade MDF shapes
48" wide

"Humble Man"
Carved Oak Flooring Strips
74" tall

Art Deco II
A wall-hung creation constructed of painted wood shapes bonded

About 5' tall
created Fall 2017

Why wall-hung Sculpture ?

Many homes have space limitations that prohibit three-dimensional sculpture on pedestals.

Yet the art-appreciating public enjoys art
that has its own "presence."

Wall-hung pieces allow that enjoyment
without penalizing their living space.

These pieces work well in the same space
usually allocated to paintings.

Sculpture is hard to photograph !
We need to see it in person . . .
Visit my gallery . . . email me for appointment !

Short for Fabulous Art-Deco
Carved Oak Flooring Strips

Assembly is decorated with
painted cabinet grade MDF
About 66" tall

"Mr. Casual"
carved oak
about seven feet tall


Art-Deco assembly made with
painted cabinet grade MDF
and Cedar Wood
About 36" tall
Created Fall 2017

"Deco Three"
Assembly    acrylic on wood    About 4' wide