Michael Don Fess

"Window of Ideas"
"Art Stone"
Southern Arkansas University  Dedicated Oct. 5, 1997

What's New in outdoor sculpture

       "Art Stone" is the newest material that artists are now using on large outdoor sculpture. It is actually a hard, durable concrete shell with a textured acrylic coating.
       The concrete shell is formed over a carved core of expanded polystyrene and is reinforced with a fiberglass mesh for strength. The textured coating can be troweled or sprayed over the cured concrete and is available in almost any color.

"A Study in Genteel Curves"
ArtStone 12' tall
Michael Don Fess, sculptor

"Me & Mr. Casual"
8' tall  Carved Oak

     "Art Stone"
lowers the cost  by eliminating expensive foundations, trucking, cranes, and handling costs  of heavy raw material.

       "Art Stone" allows a flexibility of design that would be difficult to duplicate in any other material...and in a greater scale than most budgets allow.

       "Art Stone" offers an infinite range of color and texture for the most challenging design problems and very limited budgets.

"Whimsical Shapes"
"Art Stone"
Installed in Orlando in 2006


        The artist's technical skill with the medium is                             

all important !

         Your results will only be as good as your application and your control of the material. 
         Your structural considerations must be designed and integrated into the work as you create the piece.
          Such things as wind loading and potential abuse must be considered in the basic design stage.

"We are Here"
8' tall  "Art Stone"

"Genteel Curves"
12' tall
On exhibit at the Sculptors' Dominion
International Invitational Show
in San Antonio, Texas

"Easter Island
"Art Stone"  6' tall

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is world would be boring if we all liked the same things."

Michael Don Fess

"Uke Strummer"
Carved Cyprus
8' tall



"Sunny Side Up"
"Art Stone"  and treated wood       5' diameter