Michael Don Fess
Garden Ideas
Every yard or garden needs "bones" These are some of the interesting
examples in current use . . .
both suggestive and abstract

A Fountain created from garden pots showering water into an above-ground pool surrounded by a raised bed of Columbine and assorted annuals.

New "Lamplighter Series"

Light the path to your home at night
Beautiful Garden Sculpture in Daylight

Serpentine Walks makes a lovely setting through natural Dogwood gardens and accents added Japanese Maples, Azaleas, and Hydrangeas.

Michael Don Fess
Garden Sculpture

                 Scenic treatment shows that drainage doesn't have to be ugly!          Three dimensional gardening is also a very effective way to display your plants !


        "Bones" in the garden give focus to your landscape efforts and garden sculpture, along with walks, water features, gazebos, and bird feeders enable you to showcase your favorite plants.

      This sampling of abstract garden photos show some of the potential for adding interest to the garden.     

"Golden Garden Girl"
Tending her Peonies  -  "Art Stone"  6' tall

Interesting pots
and raised beds create special planting areas !

Scenic walk
adds character and interest to foundation planting and
your garden.


        Color and scale are critical to how much "at home" the sculpture seems in your setting.  Wood tones and stone are more likely to fit that requirement. 
        "Woodsy" pieces are more in harmony with the surroundings and properly cared for, should last 15 to 20 years.   
        The garden sculpture on this page and pieces of this type range from $450 to $2450 installed in your yard. 
         Outside Pulaski County, Arkansas, a delivery surcharge may apply.

        To request a no-obligation visit to your yard for suggestions on what might be appropriate for you . . .

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"Make Music"
Garden sculpture photo
displayed at the
Wildwood Harvest Festival October 2008 in Little Rock, AR

"UKE Strummer"
Cyprus Garden Sculpture
8' tall

"Formosa Serpens"
Garden Sculpture
4' tall

"Big Bird"

10' tall Pressure Treated Wood

Flower & Garden Shows in Arkansas 2009

         Michael Don Fess, a Master Gardener,

a Speaker on the subject:
"Bones of the Garden"
Pine Bluff  on Feb. 14   -   Little Rock on Feb. 28


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"Galactic Data"
Cyprus and Treated Wood
Garden Sculpture
Installed May 2009  -  Fess Garden