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"Healing Spirit"
32" tall
Carved Laminated Oak

"Humble Man"
Wall-hung 74" tall
Carved Laminated Oak

"Inca Simplicity"
26" tall
Carved Limestone & Oak

"Make Music"
7' tall
Carved Treated wood

A Short Bio

      Michael Don Fess, born in Haynesville, LA but grew up in Magnolia, AR.  He earned a degree in physics from Centenary College in 1958 and went on to a career in Real Estate Development in Shreveport, LA for over thirty-five years.  An artist most of his life, he enrolled six others and they founded the Red River Sculpture Society in 1994 and he has been its chairman ever since. 
      Michael was inducted into the regional Sculpture Hall of Fame in 1998 and helped found the regional Visual Arts Hall of Fame in 1999.  He moved to Little Rock, AR in 2001 where he has served on the board of the Arkansas League of Artists, been a member of the Arkansas Sculpture Guild, and created a gallery at his residence.
      He became a Master Gardener in 2006 in order to focus on his unique garden sculpture. He did his volunteer work at Wildwood Park for the Arts.  The garden at his residence on the Little Rock Garden Tour in 2008 and his garden sculpture led him to be elected 2010 Chairman of the Central Arkansas Horticultural Society .
       He has been married to Sue Wilson Fess, his childhood sweetheart, for over sixty years.  They raised four children and have fourteen grandchildren.
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See my new "Lamplighter Series" Garden Sculpture
"Light your path at Night  -  Beautiful Sculpture during the Day"

"All most of us want in life . . . IS TO BE HAPPY"
                                                                            Michael Don Fess  -  2008

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